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Mauao petrel and penguin update

Grey-faced Petrel

This breeding adult was at the study colony and so was checked for the identifying band on its leg. It may be ten years old. photo by Oscar Thomas

Since 1989 we have been monitoring Grey-faced Petrel chicks on Mauao. Some years are better than others, with 2 chicks being the very worst year (mainly due to stoats), and 52 chicks in the best year. Last year we had 30 chicks. This year we want to increase that number, as 50 is really only maintaining the colony, and not increasing it. Last night the sole occupant of the study burrows, Hugh – see photo below –  was given a stainless steel band on his leg and his wing length measured. Many other chicks were heard in their burrows

more photos below :


3 months old, Hugh Petrel is doing well – photo by Oscar Thomas

Hugh Petrel

Any semblance to “cute Hugh” has now left the mountain!  photo by Oscar Thomas

Little Penguin

This Little Blue Penguin was found on the Mauao base track during a routine burrow check and screened for injuries. It was safely returned to the burrow which it was close to. photo by Paul Cuming

Grey-faced Petrel Chick

Named after famed Kiwi ornithologist Brian Bell, this petrel is in a natural rock burrow. photo by Paul Cuming

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