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Brian Petrel and his neighbours leave Mauao

Our target of banding 30 chicks was achieved this year – we banded exactly 30! Another 15 were banded and released on the Mauao “G” Colony that had been handed in to the vets from various locations, so we don’t exactly know where they came from. So 45 chicks this year is a “good” year.

Brian Petrel all processed and ready to leave

Brian Petrel all processed and ready to leave

Here are Brian’s neighbours about to depart the colony – some do leave with some down still attached to them!


Grey-faced Petrel Chick on Mauao, January 2017


Brian Petrel’s neighbour E-227983

And a surprise guest in Brian’s burrow a few nights later was his mum! She obviously was just as surprised as us to find Brian gone!


Parent bird of Brian Petrel in Brian’s empty nest!

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