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Bird Species List for Mauao and local surrounding sea [56 species in total]

Key to species. E= endemic (nowhere else in the world). N= Native (naturally here). I = Introduced by man

Land birds:  [35 species]

White-faced Heron  [N]

Cattle Egret (one record, 2000s)  [N]

Reef Heron [N]

Black Swan [I]

Paradise Shelduck [E]

Mallard [I]

Australasian Harrier [N]

New Zealand Falcon [E]

California Quail (breeding) [I]

Pheasant (breeding) [I]

Spur-winged Plover [N]

Rock Pigeon (breeding) [I]

North Island Kaka [E]

Eastern Rosella [I]

Shining Cuckoo (breeding?) [N]

Morepork (breeding) [E]

Kingfisher (breeding) [E]

Skylark (breeding?) [I]

Welcome Swallow (breeding) [N]

Dunnock (?) [I]

Blackbird [I]

Song Thrush [I]

Grey Warbler (breeding) [E]

North Island Fantail (breeding) [E]

North Island Tomtit (1 record, 2016) [E]

Silvereye (breeding) [N]

Tui [E]

Yellowhammer (breeding) [I]

Chaffinch (breeding) [I]

Greenfinch [I]

Goldfinch (breeding) [I]

House Sparrow (breeding) [I]

Starling (breeding) [I]

Common Myna (breeding) [I]

Australian Magpie [I]


Seabirds: [12 species]

Flesh-footed Shearwater [E]

Fluttering Shearwater [E]

Common Diving Petrel [E]

Pycroft’s Petrel (one record, 2017) [E]

Grey-faced Petrel (breeding) [E]

Little Blue Penguin (breeding) [E]

Australasian Gannet [N]

Black-backed Gull (breeding) [N]

Red-billed Gull (breeding) [E]

White-fronted Tern (breeding) [E]

Caspian Tern [N]


Shorebirds:  [9 species]

Pied Shag (breeding)

Little Shag (breeding)

Black Shag

Little Black Shag

South Island Pied Oystercatcher

Variable Oystercatcher (breeding)

Pied Stilt

New Zealand Dotterel

Grey-tailed / Siberian Tattler (one record, 2016)


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