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Birds handed in to ARRC released on Mauao

Species of birds included Cook’s Petrel, Little Shearwater, Fluttering Shearwater, Grey-faced Petrel and Fairy Prion. Many of these species were unusual for the area, but came ashore by various reasons. Thanks to Craig Symes for the photos.


Fairy Prion – photo by Craig Symes


Grey-faced Petrel – photo by Paul Cuming


Grey-faced Petrel processed and ready for release by Paul – photo: Craig Symes

Fluttering Shearwater

Fluttering Shearwater about to be twinked by Nami. Photo by Craig Symes

Comparing Fluttering and Little Shearwaters

Comparing Fluttering and Little Shearwaters – photo: Craig Symes

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