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Petrel Update July 2018

This year marks 28 years since the Grey-faced Petrel has been studied on Mauao. We have all that we need regarding data to state the two following statements:

1] That without pest control, the colony on Mauao would half in 50 years

2] That without pest control, the colony on Mauao would not be there in 200 years

Sobering stuff. Thanks to the efforts of the Ornithological Society, Forest & Bird, and Western Bay Wildife Trust, there is now a mandate to actively continue the pest control.

From the point of view of the monitoring of the petrel numbers, the project has now been scaled back to the period of time when chicks will be fledging. (December / January)  A permit to band chicks has been retained. All other times of the year that the birds are present, we will be leaving them alone to conduct their business without interference from humans.

For all the folk who have helped out over the years, a hearty thanks.

Grey-facec Petrel

Long term petrel study

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