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Our Objectives

What are our objectives?
We will focus on the following key objectives over the next 5-year period:

  1. Protection of existing populations of native fauna and flora
  2. Improve and enhance native ecosystems
  3. Monitoring and research of existing native colonies
  4. Education and promotion of the Mauao area and it’s native species


Key Strategic Actions

The Trust has identified five key actions deemed to be a priority to the success of the Trusts goals:

  1. Baseline survey of existing flora and fauna to obtain clearer picture of populations and to use as success measures in the future
  2. Assist in the eradication/ control of pests to desirable level
  3. Revegetation with a focus of erosion prevention, breeding requirements of native species and soil conservation
  4. Education via existing and new channels to create future knowledge of how the area is looked after
  5. Monitoring and research using existing knowledge and methods to reach desired outcomes