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Grey Warbler (Riroriro)

Grey Warbler – Riroriro

Grey warbler. Adult. Mount Cook National Park, April 2012. Photo by Kevin B Agar.

One of the most remarkable achievements of all New Zealand birds is the actions of the New Zealand Grey Warbler. After raising a clutch of their own, pairs have their second clutch of the season ‘hijacked’ by a Shining Cuckoo. Despite having a hanging orb-style nest, the adult cuckoo can lay in the warbler’s nest. The cuckoo hatches and ejects the eggs and/or young of the Grey Warbler. The cuckoo grows to over twice the size of the ‘parent’ warblers, who raise it as their own. The young cuckoo then leaves back to it’s ancestral home of Solomon Islands, North of Papua New Guinea.
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