By sponsoring a Little Blue Penguin , you will be helping the Western Bay Wildlife Trust to protect the population of Little Blue Penguins at Mount Maunganui.
You will also be protecting other endemic species such as Petrels, Geckos, Skinks and native plants as we are involved with protecting and enhancing the habitats of these special species.

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Gnarly Bird Boss

No one messes with Gnarly. A great father, leader and guardian of the Fisherman’s Wall, hw has the penguin team shaking in their boots! Managing to escape the oil clogged water and rocks, Gnarly appointed himself as protector for the less lucky penguins. Unfortunately his lifelong partner Gnarletta became hypothermic due to oil exposure and had to be treated at the Massey Wildbase Rehabilitation Centre. Now the Head Penguin of the Moturiki Colony, Gnarly likes to pester the monitoring team, biting ankles and fingers to test whether members are tough enough for the job.

ID: 982 000 167 711 400

Location: Fisherman’s Wall


This patient Little Blue sure knows how to keep the adventurous and wayward Gnarly in line (most of the time). She became oiled during the Rena Oil Spill, but being the tough bird she is, Gnarletta pulled through and is back in her comfy burrow raising the nect generation of penguin leaders. She is largely regarded as the Queen of Moturiki and rightly so.

ID: 982 009 106 585 750

Fisherman's Wall, Moturiki


Nola has been through some pretty tough times, losing her two chicks to a dog,  just a few weeks before they were due to leave the nest. The occasional visits she gets from her other chicks have helped to cheer her up and she is looking forward to raising two more healthy babies this season. Her partner, Nigel is a great fisherman so she knows she’ll be well fed.

ID: 982 009 106 477 278

Location: Grassy Knoll, Moturiki


Since recovering after being stuck in oil and rescued during the Rena oil spill, Nigel and his partner Nola have had a pretty tough time. Although they managed to raise two beautiful chicks in the breeding season following the disaster (one of whom still visits his parents burrow occasionally), a pet dog that was being illegally walked on Moturiki by its owner killed their two chicks from the 2013 breeding season. Despite all this, Nigel remains positive and expects to have a great season this year.

ID: 982 009 106 516 165

Location: Grassy Knoll, Moturiki


BK is named after the amount of Burger King rubbish that gets shoved under her rock and into her burrow. Although she’s partial to a fish burger herself, the rubbish is not good as it attracts predators and her babies get tangled in it or cut. She is the founder of the Moturiki Island Penguin Rubbish Brigade and regularly reports in to the team leaders of the penguin monitoring team, ensuring they do something about it. During Rena she became oiled but was too far under rocks for rescuers to reach her. After 4 days the team used an etra long penguin pole to get BK so she could be saved.

ID: 982 000 167 692 606

Location: Burger King Burrow, Moturiki


As a proud member of the New Zealand Penguin Climbing Society and the reigning Bay of Plenty champion, Rocky is never shy when it comes to showing off his fancy climbing skills. Perched on top of his favourite rock wall nests his fellow climber and partner Roxanne. They have the best balcony and outdoor entertainment area of all the burrows, and the magnificent sunsets are definitely worth the climb:

ID: 982 000 167 710 553

Location: Rock Climbers, Moturiki

Usain Bolt

The fastest Little Blue this side of the Pacific, Usain is often seen sprinting up and down the staircase on Moturiki. This little fitness freak keeps his friends, family and the whole neighbourhood in good shape. His favourite activities include Squidball (which is similar to football) and the monthly sardine races. He would love to compete in the local triathlons but unfortunately is unable to ride a bike. As Bolt is so fast, nobody actually knows if he has a partner or where he lives. But what we do know is that it would take a very fast and tough little lady to keep up with him.

ID: 982 000 167 710 009

Location: The Stairs, Moturiki


Little Echo is a wannabe opera singer and her songs can be heard ringing out from beneath the rocks. This can be quite ear piercing and many of her neighbours wish burrow prices were cheaper on Moturiki so they could move there. Hopes to be a finalist in the next X-Factor but her partner Michelangelo doesn’t think she has a chance and is always telling her the wrong dates for the audition.

ID: 982 000 167 749 249

Location: Flat Boulder, Mauao


It is rumoured among the other penguins that Lady Gwen is descended from royal Oamaru bloodline. Her regal manners and calmness in any situation show that she is, at the very least, very royal by nature. She loves to watch the penguins playing in the waves but is far too proper to do trivial things like that. Her partner is Lancelot, King of Castle Point.

ID: 982 000 167 696 592

Location: Castle Rock, Mauao


Brave and noble, Sir Lance and his partner Gwen live in a burrow on Castle Point. This King of the Castle is one of our toughest and most agile penguins – scaling sheer rock cliffs every night to get food to his family. The effort is well worth it, with a home that is safe from even the highest of tides.

ID: 982 000 167 725 937

Location: Castle Rock, Mauao


Larry is the entertainer of the group. His class clown antics kept the other penguins spirits up during the Rena oil spill and his partner Pebbles is his biggest fan. It is rumoured that he can juggle five fish at once and do backflips, but no one has seen him juggle more than three. Their burrow is a short walk round Mauao and has fantastic views of Matakana Island.

ID: 982 000 167 691 347

Location: 2nd B12 Mauao 


An artist, Michelangelo likes to ‘paint’ using a green and white colour scheme. His art can be seen all over Mauao and he has even been kind enough to share some of his work with the penguin team, redecorating many of the drab black bags they use to weigh birds in. His partner Echo does not appreciate it when he brings his work inside the burrow. When he became oiled he took the opportunity to redecorate all of the rescue centre crates much to the disgust of the other residents.

ID: 982 000 167 693 174

Location: Flat Boulder, Mauao


Pebbles lives on Mauao with her partner Larry. Both of them managed to avoid the oil spilt from the cargo ship Rena, and continue to raise two healthy, beautiful chicks each year. She is a bit prissy and hates moulting season because of what it does to her feathers. She can often be heard complaining about the fishy smell and the mess in the nest.

ID: 982 000 167 747 460

Location: 2nd B12, Mauao

Sgt. Pepper

Sergeant Pepper is the guardian of North West Rock. He is always one of the first to come ashore and is responsible for letting the other penguins know when the coast is clear for landing operations to commence. During nesting season he is the front line of attack against rats but could use some help. Master of PenFu (penguin Kung Fu) and is known for charging anybody that comes near those he protects.

ID: 982 009 106 457 340

Location: North West Rock, Mauao

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