Safeguarding our native biodiversity for the future.

Western Bay Wildlife Trust (WBWT) is a community-based conservation group that protects native seabird and shorebird species and their habitats in the Western Bay of Plenty Region.

Our diverse work includes threatened species monitoring, habitat monitoring, Little Blue Penguin (Kororā) rescue and rehabilitation, and pest animal control efforts. 

We also work closely with our local community, raising awareness for, and nurturing the next generation of conservationists that will protect New Zealand’s incredible biodiversity. 

Our work is mostly focused around Mauao (Mount Maunganui), Moturiki (Leisure Island), and Mount Maunganui Beach.

Key Projects

Our Work

The Bay of Plenty is rich in biodiversity and home to large populations of native seabirds and shorebirds.

Our local taonga (treasure) species that call Mount Maunganui home live in highly urbanised environments, leaving them vulnerable not just to larger threats like climate change - but also to habitat loss, introduced mammalian predators, human disturbance, domestic pets, and pollution (such as littering). 

With the help of a committed team of volunteers, Western Bay Wildlife Trust carries out scientific research and monitoring to help protect local taonga, and environmental restoration to enhance their habitats. 

By working together, we can help to ensure a healthy future for our local biodiversity.

Our Team

Our trustees have a diverse background in environmental science, conservation, and community efforts. 

Learn more about who we are and how we came to establish the trust by clicking the link below.

Want to help our native wildlife?

Have you spotted a sick or injured penguin?

Kororā (little blue penguins) are rarely found on the beach or in exposed areas during the daytime. If you spot one, it might be sick or injured.

Please call 0800 Sick Penguin (0800 742 573)  for advice and support from trained experts.

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