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The Bay of Plenty is home to a wide range of native and endemic bird species.

Western Bay Wildlife Trust focuses conservation and monitoring efforts on three key sites; Mauao, Moturiki, and Mt Maunganui’s main beach. These sites support a wide range of seabirds, shorebirds, and land-based birds.

Below are some of the species that you are likely to encounter when spending time around the area.

Sea Birds

Seabirds spend most of their lives at sea. We only get a brief glimpse into their behaviour when they come to the land to breed, so this is when our monitoring is most important. WBWT, focuses on the local Ōi (grey-faced petrel) and Kororā (little blue penguin) populations. Learn more about these amazing seabirds and a few of the other common species that we come into contact with.

Shore Birds

Shorebirds mostly live along the coast. They find food on beaches and in shallow tidal areas. Scuttling along the sand, these birds are easier to spot than seabirds. WBWT focuses its monitoring on the local breeding populations of the Northern New Zealand dotterel and Variable oystercatcher.

Land Birds

Terrestrial (or land-based) birds don’t spend much time at sea or on the coastline. The Bay of Plenty is home to many different land bird species, both native and introduced. Whilst WBWT focuses on seabird and shorebird populations, local terrestrial species also benefit from the pest animal control efforts we carry out, facilitating improved protection.

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