Our Wildlife

At Western Bay Wildlife Trust, we look after a diverse range of New Zealand wildlife. Most notably are our precious bird species, many of whom live in and around Mauao Mount Maunganui. You can find out more about them in the bios below.

Sea Birds

Seabirds are birds that spend most of their time at sea, only returning to land to breed. Mauao has the Grey-faced Petrel, and Little Penguin in this group. Both groups are well-studied, with some Trustees spending nearly 30 years researching the petrels, which also occur on Motuotau. Common Diving Petrels are on pest-free Motuotau in small numbers, and they also attempt tonest on Moturiki, with no success.

Shore Birds

Shorebirds include those birds primarily using our coastal beaches. These include New Zealand Dotterel, gulls, terns and Oystercatchers, plus some shag species. Birds in this group are far more likely to be seen than seabirds. Currently Variable Oystercatchers and New Zealand Dotterel breed on Main Beach, Mount Maunganui. Shags breed on the trees around the base of Mauao, and gulls have a colony on Moturiki.

Land Birds

There are currently over thirty species of land birds on the coastal strip between Mauaoand Moturiki. They are a mixture of native and introduced species. The foreston the slopes of Mauao is home to native species; Morepork, Tui, Fantail,Silvereye, Grey Warbler, Welcome Swallow and Kingfisher.

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