Love is in the air

Our penguin ranger and dedicated volunteers have been busy monitoring the penguins over the breeding season. While we are so excited to have eggs, rapidly growing chicks and some happily fledged fighters, unfortunately we've noticed quite a lot of nests no longer in use. The birds have also been susceptible to a predator/s that have found Moturiki Island to be a great hunting ground and preyed upon eggs and chicks.

There are numerous other bird bodies scattered about. We are currently trying to ID this villan, which will help us in catching it! As always, lots of rubbish in and around burrows. Quite a few nests with glass and fishing line in the entrance and plastic being used in the nest. Sadly a penguin pair even hatched chicks onto a nest with fishing line (hook still attached) and large broken glass shards!

We are working hard to spread the message about all these issues and how to help protect these special birds, which are so vulnerable to a multitude of threats.


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