Conservation Week tours full of bouncy penguins, squeaky petrels and cutie pie-d shags!

Queen penguin inspired and educated our tour attendees on the Wildlife of Mauao! Our first night was full of petrels squeaking and flying overhead, the sea was a little rough and maxed high tide so the sneaky penguins managed to get to their burrows mostly undetected! They did decide to show off  their bouncy rockhopping skills on the second night. Everybody was melting at the cutie pie pied shag chicks being fed up high in the Pohutukawas. 

A hot cuppa and cookies was warmly received back at base after the night stroll and Penny the taxidermy Penguin (courtesy of DOC) stole the limelight with lots of pats as always! 

We raised enough funds to help with our ongoing research costs, so a massive thanks to all who came along and our wonderful volunteers for helping out!


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