NZAEE Seaweek Ocean Champion Challenge

Seaweek 2021 is kicking off from Saturday 6 March to Sunday 14 March 2021. It highlights the importance and diversity of life in our marine environments and calls on Kiwis from all walks of life to look after Tangaroa's realm. This year's theme is 'Connecting with our Seas; Toi Moana ~ Toi Tangata - highlighting the diverse connections and interactions we have with the sea.

Seaweek have announced the launch of the national Seaweek Ocean Champion Challenge – Moana Toa Whakatara - a call for all environmental heroes to share with us what actions they are taking to help solve a problem impacting the marine environment. There are some great prizes up for grabs, so check out the details on https://www.seaweek.org.nz/oce...


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